"What you admire needs some time to recover

Before it shows all it's beautiful colors

Be with the rain

Let it fall"

- Spring


Unkenny Valleys is the Shoegaze/Noise Pop/Electronica solo project of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kenneth Estrada y Santiago. Working in Berlin, Germany, Unkenny Valleys makes music inspired by childhood nightmares and sci-fi soundtracks ranging from Godzilla to Blade Runner that combines blissfully fuzzed-out guitar noise with modern EDM elements. He calls it “cybergaze” and the name fits. Kenneth has released three Unkenny Valleys single thus far in 2019, “Happy Happy,” “She Saves Me Again,” and “Oneironaut,” that demonstrate the unique ideas he brings into the studio and his talent for balancing melody and grit. For 2020 he already announced his fourth single "Spring" for March 21, 2020. 


Kenneth creates every aspect of each Unkenny Valleys release himself. He handles songwriting, recording, production, marketing, and most of the artwork, which makes each of these tracks a deeply personal expression of his artistry and vision. He pushes himself to make music listeners aren’t expecting. “I think, at some point, a musician has to challenge oneself by going uncomfortable ways when writing a melody or designing sounds,” he says, continuing “This is very important to keep things exciting for yourself and the listener. Guitar noise frightens some people as they think it couldn't be enjoyable. I want to show how beautiful and modern it can sound in a pop song.”


Unkenny Valleys has been compared to My Bloody Valentine, Depeche Mode, and Deftones but always maintains its own creative space. Kenneth freely bends the musical world to suit his will, going so far as to perform live on a guitar with a built-in sample player and trigger pads plugged into a pedalboard that lets him become a self-contained show. Unkenny Valleys is releasing some of the most compelling and original music on the European scene right now. Forward-thinking fans seeking new sounds to obsess over need to hear these songs tonight.





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